Kingda Ka, Six Flags Great Adventure

Kingda Ka, Six Flags Great Adventure

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Busch Gardens Tampa's New 'Cobra's Curse' Spinning Coaster


Busch Gardens Tampa has just released a new POV video of the newest addition to its lineup of thrill rides.  The all new Cobra's Curse is a family style roller coaster that puts a unique 'spin' into its ride. That is, the cars on this new thrill ride can go forward, backwards, or spin depending on the weight distribution of its riders.  

Cobra's Curse is surely not one of the big name events in the coaster wars of 2016, but any new coaster, of course, is always welcome news.  The new ride, designed by Mack Rides of Germany,  will be located  in the Egypt section of the park, where a towering, 70-foot elevator lift hill will bring riders to the beginning of their quest for the legendary serpent king.  

“I have not seen a ride like Cobra’s Curse ever,” [Theme Park Review's Robb] Alvey said. “I really think this ride will end up being the bar that is set for many other family coasters and most certainly spinning coasters in the future.”

Cobra’s Curse begins with a unique 70-foot-tall vertical elevator lift that drops riders into a face-to-face showdown with an 80-foot-tall statue of the fang-bearing snake king. An outward-banked turn tilts riders into the jaws of Venymyss as the train passes.

The ride moves at speeds of up to 40 mph and is strictly forward facing for the first half of the three-plus minute ride.  It is at the midpoint where the train reaches a second lift hill and begins to spin freely for the remainder of the ride.  Sounds like fun!  Check out Cobra's Curse...


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